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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ex Ozjet Fleet update

An update on where the ex Ozjet fleet of Boeing 737-229s are today after the demise of the airline in May 2009.

VH-OBN Boeing 737-229 msn 21137

The aircraft was grounded in Perth after the collapse and was re-registered N732HV. It was later sold to Polytechnic West and ferried to Jandakot Airport to become a ground trainer aircraft. The aircraft had flewn 65,729 hours and 43,854 cycles. The aircraft remains in Jandakot today with only its tail visible poking out the back of the Polytechnic West hangar.

VH-OBN at Brisbane

N732HV at Jandakot with Polytechnic titles - Photo Michael Dawson

VH-OZD Boeing 737-229 msn 20911

VH-OZD operated flights on behalf of Norfolk Air mainly from Brisbane and Sydney to Norfolk Island. The aircraft was also painted in Norfolk Air livery. At the time of the collapse OZD was in Jakarta (CGK) for maintenance. The aircraft it still in Jakarta today. The aircraft had flewn 71,055 hrs and 48,709 cycles.

VH-OZD at Brisbane in the colourful Norfolk Air livery

VH-OZQ Boeing 737-229 msn 20907

OZQ operated for Ozjet until January 2007 when the aircraft was re-registered G-GPFI to European Aircraft Charter, UK. It departed Melbourne on January 14th 2007 for Europe where it later operated for Flybe and Skybus. In November 2008 European Air Charter ceased all operations and the aircraft was stored at Bournemouth, UK. OZQ is still at Bournemouth today with its wings and tail removed. It is used as a ground trainer aircraft.

VH-OZU Boeing 737-229 msn 21176

OZU was in Perth at the time of the collapse and was re-registered N733HL to Red Cloud Assets LLC. The aircraft is still stored at Perth today.

VH-OZU arriving in Brisbane

VH-OZX Boeing 737-229 msn 21177

Stored in Perth after the airline's demise and was re-registered N737HL to Red Cloud Assets LLC. The aircraft is still stored at Perth alongside ex VH-OZU. The aircraft had flewn 63,613 hrs and 43,497 cycles.

G-CEAJ later re-registered VH-OZX parked at Coolangatta

Three stored Ozjet aircraft at Perth with US registrations - Photo Zach Liepa