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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stored or scrapped airframes at BNE

The list below contains current stored and recently scrapped airframes at Brisbane Airport

A4-159 DHC-4 Caribou

A4-159 msn 159 of the RAAF was built in 1964 and served with No. 35 Sqn in Vietnam and 38 sqn at Richmond upon returning to Australia. After retirement the aircraft was stored at the fire training area located north of runway 14/32. The fuselage without wings and landing gear was noted in 2006 however the cockpit section was salvaged in March 2010 and is now at the Queensland Air Museum at Caloundra, QLD. The rest of the fuselage was scrapped by Pacific Hunter Aviation.

A4-204 DHC-4 Caribou

A4-204 msn 204 was delivered to the RAAF in late 1964 and was used by 38 Sqn based at Richmond. It was noted parked outside the Australian Aerospace hangar on the Eastern side of Brisbane Airport in November 2009 partly dismantled. The aircraft is still located in front of the Qantaslink hangar on the Eastern side with a few bits missing.

A4-204 parked at BNE since 11/2009

EP-IDC Fokker 100

EP-IDC msn 11267 was built in 1990 and delivered to Iran Air. The aircraft was involved in an incident on 15/01/1998 where it landed in a dry river bed 10km from Isfrahan, Iran. The aircraft sustained major damaged and was eventually transported to Tehran for storage. The aircraft was purchased by Flight West Airlines and transported to Brisbane onboard a Polet Cargo Antonov 124 on 11/09/1999. After usable parts were salvaged, the remaining fuselage section was transported to the fire training area north of runway 14/32 where it lies today.

EP-IDC at the fire dump - Photo by Patrick Hill

VH-FKE Fokker 100

VH-FKE msn 11358 was built in 1991 and delivered to US Air as N889US. It was sold to Alliance Airlines and became VH-FKE on 07/2004. The aircraft was later leased to Air Niugini and was re-registered P2-ANA. The aircraft was damaged on a flight to Mt Hagan after a volume of mercury was spilt causing a major corrosion problem. The aircraft returned to Alliance and was noted stored outside the Alliance hangar as VH-FKE in 09/2006. The aircraft was transported to the fire training area north of runway 14/32 where it remains today largely intact.

P2-ANA departing Cairns in 2005

VH-FKL Fokker 100

VH-FKL msn 11380 delivered to US Air in 1992 as N895US and purchased by Alliance Airlines in 09/2007 has been stored at Brisbane since its arrival. The aircraft has been stripped of parts over the years and currently resides on the old runway now taxiway Papa.

VH-FKL collecting dust on taxiway Papa

VH-JJQ BAe 146-200

VH-JJQ msn 2038 delivered to Ansett in 1985 and was undergoing heavy maintenance in Brisbane when Ansett collapsed in 2001. The aircraft was parted-out and the stripped fuselage was donated to the Aviation Australia training college at Brisbane Airport. The airframe has since been scrapped.

VH-JJQ at Aviation Australia before it was scrapped

VH-TBS Boeing 727-77C

VH-TBS msn 20278 first delivered to Ansett in 1969 as VH-RMS and later operated by Air Nauru as CN-RN7, Australian Airlines as VH-TBS, National Jet, Australian Air Cargo, DHL and Australian Air Express. After retirement the aircraft was stored at Brisbane Jan/2004. The aircraft was later donated to the Aviation Australia training college at Brisbane Airport where it remains today.

VH-TBS parked at Aviation Australia

VH-XNG Fokker 28-1000

VH-XNG msn 11038 first delivered to Fairchild-Hillier as PH-EXM in 1972 and later operated by Transair Canada as CF-TAY and C-FTAY before being sold to Air Niugini as P2-ANF in 1979. The aircraft was retired in 2004 and flewn to Brisbane where it was sold to Aviation Australia as VH-XNG. The aircraft is still inside the Aviation Australia training college hangar today.

Photo by Mike Bridge