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Thursday, June 13, 2013

TOLL Express and TOLL freight at BNE

TOLL express Code TFX and Toll Freight code TFR operate up to 20 movements a day on weekdays.

BNE is their home base

Toll Express operate the Metro as well as ATR-42F and Toll Freight operate the 733F and 734F out of BNE weekdays and nights.

Weekday schedules as below:


TFR 42 MEL 0100 hrs 733F

TFX 102 ROK 0245 Metro

TFX 102 ROK 0250 Metro

TFX 006 MKY 0300 ATR

TFX 145 BWU 0315 Metro

TFX 162 ROK 0345 Metro

TFX 110 THG 0515 Metro

TFX 701 OOL 1630 Metro

TFR 21 SYD 1930 733F

TFX 147 BWU 2230 Metro.

I have listed the Departures only and these operate Mon-Thurs for the 1800 hrs-2359 hrs time frame period or TUE-FRI for the remaining period of the day.

Above the 733F,Metroliner and ATR-42F of TOLL