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Monday, August 12, 2013

Hawaiian planning to expand BNE in 2014

Source :Travel Daily.

Hawaiian Airlines will wait until 2014 before exploring the prospect of adding capacity between Brisbane and Honolulu despite a “terrific” first few months for the service. Loads have hovered in the mid 80s since the three weekly flights launched last November, with encouraging yields, executive vice president and chief commercial officer Peter Ingram said. “Overall we are really pleased with how the route is performing,” Ingram told Travel Today on a trip to Australia. “Brisbane has been a terrific start-up and we are really pleased with how it’s going.”

HA has made no secret of its intention to ramp up frequencies from Brisbane over time. It already operated 18 additional services between March and May. But with the carrier’s 2013 fleet deployment already allocated, HA will have to wait until next year before examining any permanent increase in frequencies or upgauging from the current 264-seat B767 aircraft to a 294-seat A330.

“It is our long term aspiration to follow a similar path in Brisbane to what we have done in Sydney which is get the frequency to daily and on a bigger aircraft," Ingram said. "And we’ll do that as the market supports it and as our fleet availability supports it. It is something we’ll look at next year.” HA is in the process of modernising its fleet, Ingram said, with its 767-300s being replaced with Airbus A330-200s, of which it currently has 13. By the end of this year it will have more A330s than 767s and by the end of 2015 HA will operate 22 A330s and a maximum of eight of the smaller Boeing aircraft.

"We didn't take delivery of our first A330 until 2010 so we've been growing that fleet rapidly," he said.