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Saturday, September 28, 2013

G20 Summit BNE 2014

In 2011, Australia was asked to host the 9th G20 heads of government meeting which is to be held in late 2014. Brisbane was chosen due it's capability to handle extra aircraft arrivals aswell as ample parking space for large aircraft. The G20 Summit will be held on the 15th -16th November 2014 attracting up to 4000 delegates and approximately 2500 media representatives. A public holiday has been declared on the 14th November to help ease congestion on the roads during the peak of arrivals into the city.

The G20 Summit will also be a major attraction for plane spotters with a large amount of exotic VIP aircraft expected to inundate Brisbane Airport. Due to the large amount of VIP aircraft arriving, security will be greatly increased around the airport which may include but not limited to road blocks and the closure of some viewing spots.

In terms of exotic aircraft, I have compiled a rough list of potential visitors which have visited previous G20 meetings that we may see in BNE next year. (List is a guide only!)

  • United Kingdom - Virgin Atlantic or British Airways long haul aircraft
  • Japan - Japan Air Self Defence Force 747-400s
  • South Korea - VIP 747-400
  • China - Air China long haul aircraft
  • Indonesia - Garuda Indonesia A330
  • India - Air India long haul aircraft
  • South Africa - 737BBJ
  • Germany - Luftwaffe A340/A310
  • France - A319CJ/Falcon 7X
  • Spain - A310
  • Turkey - A319CJ
  • Italy - A319CJ/Falcon 900EX
  • Russia - IL76/IL96/IL62
  • Brazil - E190
  • Saudi Arabia - 747-400
  • Argentina - 757-200
  • Mexico - 757-200
  • Canada - A310/CL604
  • USA - VC25/C32/C40/C37/C17/C5/Helicopters
  • Other - Other countries invited to attend, Media chartered aircraft and a swarm of visiting Gulfstreams/Global Express/Falcons etc.