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Friday, November 14, 2014

G20 Movements Friday 14th November

The following movements are between Thursday 13th November 1930 till Friday 14th November 1900.

  • Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777-268ER HZ-AKF msn 28349 arrived BNE from Singapore as SVA7381.
  • Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force) Airbus VC-1A (A319-133XCJ) FAB2101 msn 2263 arrived BNE from Singapore.
  • Saudi Arabian Government Airbus A340-213 HZ-HMS2 msn 204 arrived BNE from Singapore.
  • Saudi Royal Flight Boeing 747SP-68 HZ-HM1C msn 22750 arrived BNE from Singapore.
  • Turkey Government Airbus A330-243 TC-TUR msn 1240 arrived BNE from Jakarta.
  • Saudi Medivac Gulfstream 5 HZ-MS5B arrived BNE from Singapore.

  • United States Air Force Boeing C-32A (757-2G4) 99-0003 msn 29027 arrived BNE as "SAM632".

  • French Air Force Airbus A340-212 F-RAJA msn 75 arrived from Singapore as "Cotam 021". Later departed for Noumea.

  • South Korea Air Force Boeing 747-4B5 10001 msn 26412 arrived BNE from Namtu (Myanmar).

  • Mexican Air Force Boeing 757-225 XC-UJM (TP-01) msn 22690 arrived BNE from Manila.

  • Air India Boeing 747-437 VT-EVA msn 28094 arrived BNE from Namtu (Myanmar).

  • Japanese Air Self Defence Force Boeing 747-47C 20-1101 msn 24730 arrived BNE as "Japan Air Force 01".

  • Japanese Air Self Defence Force Boeing 747-47C 20-1102 msn 24731 arrived BNE as "Japan Air Force 02".

  • Indonesia Government Boeing 737-8U3(BBJ2) A-001 msn 41706 arrived BNE from Denpasar.

  • Spainish Air Force Airbus A310-304 T.22-2 msn 551 arrived BNE.
  • Spainish Air force Falcon 900 T.18-4 arrived BNE.
  • Cat Aviation Falcon 7X HB-JSS msn 2 operated Christchurch - Brisbane.

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  • Rossiya Special Flight Detachment Ilyushin Il-96-300 RA-96019 msn 74393202019 arrived from Vladivostok as RSD31.
  • Gulfstream G550 EC-LYO msn 5430 arrived BNE from the Gold Coast.