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Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Northern Domestic Terminal Regional Satellite.

BAC have put out a Draft MDP on their web site for this exciting Development.

Basically the development will be a holding and Boarding Lounge for flights, and initially it will be only accessible by a bussing facility, but later on by a covered elevated walkway from the Qantas satellite.

So all check in procedures and baggage check in will still be performed in the main terminal and passengers will then proceed to this satellite lounge.

Work will commence in July 2015 and stage 1 will open approx 1 year later and deliver 8 parking Bays.Stage 2 will then commence and a further 8 parking stations for aircraft as well as the covered walkway will be completed in July 2017.The building will then have 10 gates and up to 16 parking positions.The building once complete will be 2 storeys high with a office on the top level and lounge on ground level.Work will also involve a bus parking area,as well as the air side road having to be re diverted.

This author compliments BAC on this exciting development.

The whole Draft MDP can be read on the BAC web site under Major Development Plans and is available for public comment for 60 business days.