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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Saabs galore yesterday.

The 4 Saab operators out of BNE were busy yesterday particularly Corporate Air.

Yesterday's movements are listed below.


PFY 7119 BNE-MKY operated by VH-KDB departed at 0230 am.

PFY 7115 also VH-KDB operated MKY-BNE arriving at 2040 hrs.


PFY 9288 operated by VH-EKD flew BNE-RMA departing at 1015 am.

PFY 9289 flew RMA-BNE operated agin by EKD arrived at BNE at 1315 hrs.

PFY 9304 operated by VH-ZRH flew BNE-MOV departing at 1645 hrs.

PFY 9305 MOV-BNE again operated by ZRH landed at BNE at 2135 hrs.


RXA 9959 TSV-BNE was operated by VH-ZRH and landed at BNE at 1330 hrs.

RXA 5663 operated by VH-ZLF flew Wellcamp to BNE arriving at 1755 hrs.


Corporate Air do not use flight numbers as call signs only their registrations.

VH-VEF arrived BNE from CMT at 0950.

VEP,VEM,VEF all departed BNE-RMA at 1008,1010 and 1030 am.

VH-VEO arrived from MCY and CMT at 1115 hrs.

VEP,VEM and VEF arrived back from RMA at 1250,1255 and 1315 HRS.

VH-VEO departed to THG and ROK at 1234pm.

VEP and VEM departed again for RMA at 1330 and 1342 hrs.

VEP and VEM arrived back from RMA at 1615 and 1630hrs.

VH-VEO arrived from ROK and THG at 1620 hrs.

So all up 22 movements yesterday by Saab 340 aircraft yesterday at YBBN.